Krista designed this nursery for her first born daughter, Isla. With Isla's gender a secret, Krista decided to go with neutral tones until the baby arrived. Once Isla was born, Krista continued to decorate the space in a more feminine way to suit Isla's personality. Krista chose a clean aesthetic when selecting the furniture for the room; a modern style white crib, dresser and bookcase. To balance the stark nature of the furniture, a bold, colourful wallpaper was installed to add a major statement to this space. The rocking chair is the perfect scale for both comfort and nursing, and could be be used later in a different space because of it's neutrality and style. To add a sense of whimsy, Krista added a cloud mobile, a modern hook system and photo ledges to display Isla's favorite books and animals. This has quickly become Krista's favorite room in her house!

Isla's bookcase.JPG
isla;s animals.JPG